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Tom’s Discount Air & Auto Repair – Inverness, FL

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Tom Siafakas likes to develop long-term relationships with his customers. Stands to reason. He runs a family-owned business. You'll understand that after you meet Renee Dawson and realize that she and the rest of Tom's crew are going to make you feel just like they're members of your extended family. Who is Tom Siafakas? He's honest. He loves what he does and he's good at it. He also expects the same from his staff. And last, but not least, he's convenient. Tom's Discount Air & Auto Repair is north and south of the Villages, in three locations. In Leesburg — 2033 North Citrus Boulevard ... highway 27/441 ... right down the street from Walmart. In Belleview at 12024 Southeast Highway 484. And in Inverness, Florida, at 1213 Highway 41 North. If you're ever in doubt ... Call us at Tom's Discount Air & Auto Repair (352) 314-8667 (Leesburg) — (352) 347-3632 (Belleview) — (352) 637-1552 (Inverness).

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